Acrylic Vs Cast Iron Freestanding Tubs

Acrylic Vs Cast Iron Freestanding Tubs – Know The Difference

Acrylic-Freestanding-Bath-Perth-Woollahra-NSW-2025If you are out in the market for a bathtub, you may be a little confused given the wide array of choices that you have. From different materials to different designs, the choice is overwhelming, and you need sufficient knowledge of the different paths before making an informed decision on what to buy. First, of course, you must consider the purpose of your getting the tub. Once you have this figured out you can start making comparisons based on what you have in mind. Some of the legendary tubs that exist are cast iron tubs, but acrylic is quickly taking the lead in popularity. Comparing acrylic vs. cast iron freestanding tubs will give you a good idea of which is best for you.


Acrylic tubs are in the lightweight category and so are rather easy to carry and transport. This means that installation is easy too. Cast iron tubs are in the heavy weight category. They can be quite a hassle to move and may require four strong men to just move positions. As such, you may also need a reinforced floor to support it, especially if it is on upper floors. In contrast acrylics can easily be installed in any room as they are light and don’t demand floor strengthening. Our range of building products cater to almost all elements of your home, click here for more info

Durability Of Acrylic Vs Cast Iron Freestanding Tubs

Acrylics have quite the life packed into them. This tub will last for a long time because it is made from durable plastic that is heat resistant, does not easily crack and does not accommodate mildew or fungal growth thanks to its non-porous nature. On the other hand iron tubs are heavy, but not for nothing – it gives them the strength that makes them durable. The baked-on enamel coating is resistant to scratches and cracks as well as chipping. However if it chips at some point, it will require expensive repair. Acrylics have a knack for resisting cracks and can have their chipping buffed up easily when it occurs.


While acrylics can have their surface rid of scratches by simple sanding, cast irons tend to require high maintenance costs. Acrylics require only some polishing with a cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner to retain their glossy finish whereas it takes an abrasive cleaner to keep an iron tub in good condition. This abrasive cleaner will ultimately give it a dull appearance.


The thing about metal is that it tends to be naturally cold and needs constant warming to maintain a high temperature. This is true of cast iron. In contrast, acrylic baths have excellent heat retention qualities, making them ideal for long soaks. Acrylics are also more comfortable to the touch as they have natural warmth to them. This is not the case with a cast iron tub, which can give you quite a shock if you happen to touch it before warming. They are also not the best thing to fall in as they are hard and unforgiving, while acrylics will give you a moderately softer landing.